Christ Centered 

We believe Jesus Christ is the only truth, way, and life.  It is because of His obedience that we receive eternal life and are placed in right standing with God the Father.

Grace Driven

We believe it is only by the grace of God, not our own works that we are saved, sanctified, and experience abundance, success, and favor in life.

Kingdom Minded

We believe that by the renewing of our mind we are transformed to advance the kingdom of God with the power of the mind of Christ, while living within the ethics of God's Kingdom.

Honor Valued

We recognize the value of every man, woman, and child by honoring them to the utmost. Our objective is to see people as God sees them.

Supernaturally Gifted

We believe that every believer is a supernatural minister of the transferred power of God in whom signs, wonders, and miracles follow.

Holy Spirit Led

We believe in the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and evidence of the fruit of the Holy Spirit operating in the lives of believers.

Abundantly Loved

We believe that we serve a God that first loved us in spite of our iniquities and shortcomings. It's His love that activates our true identities as the sons of God.

Outreach Oriented

We believe we are commissioned by God to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to the world and when necessary, use words. We are as concerned about reaching people as we are “keeping” people.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to release the reality of the Kingdom of God into the earth so that the agenda and message of Jesus Christ may be presented and demonstrated in every avenue of our society.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make Jesus known and His Kingdom visible in all of the world beginning in Richlands, NC.